Data & Analytics

We understand the importance of reports.  Feelings matter to customers but reports matter to organisations.

We need to be able to measure, so that you can report success.

Services We Offer

  • Audit Reporting
  • ERP Systems
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Tech

The value of work, consistently and methodically executed needs to be identified in analytics. Everything that we do leaves a footprint that we can collect and measure. This allows us to act on what we have learned. 

We do this because systems decline. Data is the bridge between what can, has and is working so we don’t let that information get lost in the shuffle. Hard facts are indisputable. We understand that the measures that matter to organisations are conversion based, lead base and engagement outcomes. That’s an ROI that can be fed back into the decision making loop.

Research matters. So that’s what we do first and it’s also what we do in real time during engagements. Qualitative research driven by people’s interpretations of data and quantitative research extracted from metrics.

Sometimes it’s the space between the lines that matter. We understand customer experience is often about what’s missing. Wants, unmet needs and brand perceptions that are misaligned.

Research based, creatively executed, measured and reported. A complete process.


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